Privacy Policy

The purpose of this app is to Calculate the Intrest of Investments and not to collect or share personal information. Therefore there is not much to say about this in the privacy policy. There are a few things I would like to explain.

Data collected by the app:

Small amounts of user data "values in the textfield" is stored in the App and is directly attached to the app and stored locally on your device. Which are also deleted when the app is deleted.

Delete the data in the app:

To delete the last bits stored in the app. You can uninstall the app or delete the app in the "Settings" tab.

Your data on the website:

The website itself does not collect any data from you. Since this App is not connected with the website, different guidelines apply. For more information, please read their privacy policy on


To see how Apple handles your data you should read their policies.
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For further information about the app and how it handles your personal data you can contact me at